Sunday, August 8, 2010

It Has Arrived!! Oh Happy Day :)

I was so happy to see the Real Good Toys package leaning up against my door when I got home! It feels like Christmas!! Wow, the box was heavy! I was beginning to wonder just how many pieces were in this box.
fresh out of the box!

I took all the parts out of the box. I was totally impressed by the quality of the wood. Very thick, not flimsy at all. Now I see what they say that these could be enjoyed for generations. If you start with good quality materials and put the time and effort into it that it deserves, it is sure to be a treasure.

I spent half the night sanding pieces. A little frustrated that they are not sanding as well as I would like, but I read that a light sand over the first coat of paint normally does the job.

Painting the exterior walls- Since it is not a huge house/shop I thought I could get by with the little paint samples from Ace Hardware. Went home and painted. Wasn't happy with the eggshell finish, but I thought I'd sleep on it. The next morning I was equally not happy, so I went and picked a slightly darker shade in semi-gloss. I think this will work. Did one coat, I'll do another after assembly.

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