Friday, August 13, 2010

I Want a Magazine!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I work in a bookstore. Much to my frustration, there are miniature magazines for planes, trains, automobiles, military miniatures, gaming miniatures, art dolls, and just about every other subject known to man (including chickens!), but no miniature dollhouse magazines!! Why?!?

I have looked online and saw a few. I would love to know if anyone has miniature magazine recommendations.


  1. Las dos Direcciones Siguientes Revistas hijo de miniaturas en la línea ,

    This es editada en Papel Pero si Quieres suscribirte PUEDES e incluso conseguir numeros atrasados .

    Espero te SIRVA correo electrónico de Ayuda , si NECESITAS Algo mas escribeme sin un y te ayudaré encantada .
    Besitos de mayo

  2. i like miniature collector. i got a subscription through


  3. Thanks Berri, I'll have to check that out!