Sunday, August 8, 2010

Choosing My First Project

Wow! I had no idea there were so many miniature choices! As I started doing research, there were (of course) your typical Victorian style, Queen Anne style (I love the roof lines, but they kind of remind me of "Psycho"--creepy), craftsman style bungalows, townhouses, modern marvels, and shops.

I work in a bookstore and insanely love books so a miniature bookstore seemed like a fun, logical first project. I can just imagine a million little books neatly arranged on shelves! And of course, no good bookstore would be complete without a cafe to get your caffeine buzz on! I was so excited and inspired!

What I wanted:

- A kit. I wanted a project. Not a simple puzzle that snaps together, but a real project that would take some time and effort.

-High quality. If I was going to spend all this time on something, I wanted good quality materials and something that would last.

-Something that really resembled a bookstore. I wanted a display that was accessible and easy to "maneuver"-- no top-loading for me.

-To stay within my price range. Okay, I went slightly over the budget I intended, but for quality's sake I figured it was worth it.

After doing tons of web-surfing I stumbled across the perfect shop! I decided on the Front-Opening Shoppe by Real Good Toys. I was in love!! It had every feature I was looking for! It was just my luck that it also happened to be on special that week. I ordered it!!

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