Sunday, December 12, 2010

Book Blanks

No, I have not disappeared off the face of the earth. Between the holidays and working a ton of hours, I have just been very busy. Miniatures have been on my mind though and finally today I found some time to work on them. What a relaxing and fun way to spend a few hours! A "mini" escape :)

There are lots of shelves to fill in my book shoppe, so I figured my time would be wisely spent making some books today. These are just filler books to take up some space, but I think they turned out pretty well. I cut varying sized pieces of wood and simply wrapped them in spare scraps of leather. I may go back and add some gold titles/details at a later time. A very simple project, yet time consuming. How many shelves are there again?!

On another note, I have finally come up with a master plan for opening up the Villa. Now I just need to get some proper tools for the job and then "surgery" will begin! I'm very excited!