Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Designer Fabric Samples Rock

Today I made a trip to Jo-Ann Fabric store with the sole purpose of finding a simple green canvas fabric to use for awnings for the bookshop. That part was easy. Not getting side-tracked by the myriad of other fabrics, not so easy.

I managed to restrain myself from buying several until I stumbled upon a clearance rack of designer home interior fabric samples. These were intended to be special order fabrics, but I guess they had been discontinued or something so they were selling all of the samples for two dollars each. The samples are about 20" square, so that is plenty of fabric for miniature making.

I chose three really cool fabrics. They will all go in the Villa eventually. I am thinking of the striped one (Waverly) for accent chairs, the green satiny one (richloom) for pillows and I love the woven one (Phifertex- a vinyl coated wicker weave retailing for $49.99 a yard!) as an area rug.

While browsing a French Interior Decorating magazine I found these cool chairs. They look like they would be fairly simple to reproduce/modify in miniature. I love the clean simple lines. Who knows, they just may end up (possibly with the striped fabric) in the Villa someday...

Simple green awnings coming soon..

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  1. I got some similar sample fabrics from JoAnn's as well. I've done anything with them yet but I love having them on hand.

    That chair is lovely and looks straight forward. Can't wait to see what you come up with.